Lip Serum

Why the hype about Lip Serum?

Lip serums are different to balms.

Serums are formulated to infuse deeper into the lip skin, bringing hydration and active ingredients with them, whereas balms are a ‘blanket’, helping to prevent moisture loss.

In a nutshell, serums ADD moisture and other benefits, balms prevent existing moisture from being lost, for a short time.

We need both.

SkinSmack Lip Serum is the first of its kind in New Zealand.  Formulated specifically to be soothing, deeply hydrating, repairing, anti-inflammatory, ceramide boosting, plumping, softening, and promote healthy skin barrier function.

SkinSmack Lip Serum's hero ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid, Bioactives from New Zealand Native Botanicals and Cucumber, plus active ingredients that help with bruising after aesthetic procedures.

For complete lip care apply SkinSmack Lip Serum 2-4 times a day and follow with SkinSmack Lip Balm to seal all the rejuvenating actives in.