What the PH?

Did you know that our skin has a protective barrier called an acid mantle?  Our acid mantle plays the vital role of protecting the skins lower layers, preventing moisture loss, and keeping the bad stuff out.  The acid mantle is slightly acidic in PH (hence the name) and anything that changes that PH too much can disrupt its ability to function optimally.  Stinging and dryness is one of the symptoms of a damaged skin barrier.

Disrupting the acid mantle PH also affects the skin’s microbiome and when that is out of balance it opens the door to inflammatory skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema, acne, and premature aging.

Using products that are PH balanced for their specific purpose is so important with skincare.  Stay away from aggressive surfactants, more alkaline products (like soap or poorly balanced skincare), as well as physical exfoliators.  

All SkinSmack products are specifically PH Balanced, so you can be confident you are safe.