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Lip Silk Recovery Serum

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Lip Silk Bio-Active Recovery Serum glides softly from a (5ml) roller bottle. 

The first of its kind in New Zealand, formulated specifically for post-aesthetic lips procedures to be soothing, deeply hydrating, repairing, anti-inflammatory, ceramide boosting, plumping, softening, and promote healthy skin barrier function.

Serums are formulated to infuse deeper into the lip skin, bringing hydration and active ingredients with them, whereas balms are a ‘blanket’, helping to prevent moisture loss.

In a nutshell, serums ADD moisture and other benefits, balms prevent existing moisture from being lost, for a short time. We need both.

Note about Dermal Fillers
The most common ingredient in modern dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid. 

Initially, filler can draw moisture from the skin toward itself, resulting in a dry feeling to the skin or lips.  This usually lasts 2-4 weeks before the moisture balance equalises.
During this time you can help replenish and balance the skins moisture with SkinSmacks Lip Silk Recovery Pack.
SkinSmack Lip Silk contains active ingredients to help with bruising after aesthetic procedures.  

Use 4 times daily, starting 2 hours after an aesthetic procedure.  Follow with a SkinSmack Recovery balm.

Lip Silk Key Active Ingredients
Hyaluronic Acid –
attracts & retains moisture, plumps skin, helps with healing.
Specifically Selected Extracts - to provide instant & long lasting hydration, powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory compounds, to soothe and protect the skin.  Ideal for reactive and blemished skin conditions.  
Silk - Prevents TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss), promotes cell repair and regeneration, boosts collagen

All skin types, especially sensitive skin.